The Growing Greater Businesses Program is a small business assistance program serving Silverdale and Central Kitsap County. The Greater Kitsap Chamber (hereafter referred to as the Chamber) will provide financial assistance through grants and other entrepreneurship opportunities for up to 20 businesses. Support will include a series of educational workshops for small businesses that have experienced a loss of business income or activity or have been economically disadvantaged during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grant Opportunity: The selected 20 businesses will be eligible for a grant of up to $10,000 each, which will be used to help grow their businesses. These growth opportunities will be identified upon the announcement of the grant awardees.

These businesses will be required to provide milestone updates of their growth and use towards business growth.

Eligible business growth opportunities include attending or exhibiting at industry conferences, leadership training, brand awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition, customer retention, increased customer lifetime value, and employee training.

Other Entrepreneurial Opportunities

  • Complementary 6-month membership to the Greater Kitsap Chamber
  • GKC membership includes access to our membership luncheons (that include educational components) that may be relevant to the business
  • Access to the Greater Kitsap Chamber directory of marketing experts to help with business growth

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The ideal participant of the Growing Greater Businesses project will be a founder or CEO of a business headquartered in the City of Silverdale and Central Kitsap County that:
  • Has at least been in business since March 13, 2020
  • Has at least one founder or owner that is Black, Latinx, Native American, woman/non-binary, disabled, a veteran, refugee, and LGBTQ+
  • Has experienced financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic or other economic disadvantages
  • Have less than $1M in 2021 gross annual revenue

Your Greater Business Educational Workshop Series:

January 2023

Education Module
Overview & Objectives to be learned
January 2023
Business Growth Breakthrough
1. Discover your Big Why, develop your Vision and Deliver your mission to your community
2. Understand why it's essential to focus on the right stage of your business
3. Learn to define the right strategy, what you're solving for and what is standing in your way
4. Learn the OKR (objective-key results) Process to execute your ideas
5. Create your "staying on track" system
January 2023
Bring Your Ideas to Life
1. Develop a work environment that allows you to do deep, focused work.
2. Develop systems that structure your work time for maximum efficiency
3. Develop good work habits that allow you to be productive within your systems
4. And, in many cases, you need to be able to direct the work of a team to execute your ideas fully

February 2023

Education Module
Overview & Objectives to be learned
February 2023
How to Become a Productivity Master
1. Learn how to have attention management, so you get more done in less time
2. Learn how to have a highly developed calmness in stressful situations, so you are making controlled decisions
3. Develop a trusted system, so you deliver your best work
4. Learn two types of preparation that successful people invest in
5. Learn four essential habits to win at productivity
6. Move from theory to practice & demonstrate productivity routines and how to establish them for yourself
7. How to overcome resistance and overcome the momentum
February 2023
Become a Leader
1. What are the secrets of influential leaders?
2. Winning strategies of great managers
3. How to be an effective leader
4. How to identify common leadership pitfalls
5. Crafting your leadership plan

March 2023

Education Module
Overview & Objectives to be learned
March 2023
Become a Master Strategist
1. Finding the right problem to solve and why strategy matters
2. How to find the root cause and why it matters
3. Seeing into the future and thinking through the implications
4. How to generate more ideas and three ways to get around our own idea bias
5. Your business' goal, root cause, and solutions
March 2023
Make Your Money Work for You
1. The Frequency of Wealth – what it means to be wealthy and behavior trumps information
2. Make a roadmap to grow your career and salary
3. Develop a conscious spending plan
4. Implement a savings system
5. How to invest automatically, not emotionally

April 2023

Education Module
Overview & Objectives to be learned
April 2023
The Peaceful Path to Work
1. Learn five critical elements to a peaceful path at work
2. Search and find your work-life harmony
3. 3 Keys to workplace health: self-care, flexibility & patience
4. 3 Keys to finding meaning in your work
5. Learn 4 Strategies for mindful communication
6. Learn the Art of Mindful Leadership
April 2023
When the Going Gets Tough
1. Learn coping strategies & identify your main coping style
2. Learn the Power of Agency and how to grow your own so that you can face challenges with skill
3. Learn how to change your perspective from an adaptive, calm, and empowering way of thinking.
4. Learn and apply the WOOP method to help you identify what you want and what matters to you in life
5. Learn the power of changing your attitude so you can find new opportunities in setbacks, both personally and professionally

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