The Roxy Theater stands as a picture-perfect centerpiece in the heart of Bremerton, seamlessly weaving together the threads of community, history, and cinematic magic. With a captivating past and a commitment to fostering togetherness, this landmark has been an integral part of Kitsap County for generations.

Stepping inside the Roxy, one is immediately transported to an era of elegance and charm. Its fascinating history is woven into every nook and cranny. From the remnants of a smoking lab turned concessions area to the single bench that holds countless memories, each detail tells a story.

The theater’s art deco style, known as the streamline mode or urn phase, sets it apart from other architectural wonders in the area. Behind the concessions area, an original mural by the renowned landscape photographer Asahel Curtis takes visitors back to 1908. This mural, one of the largest on the west coast at the time, reflects the theater’s dedication to preserving its heritage.

Over the years, the Roxy Theater has undergone numerous upgrades while maintaining its authentic charm. Upgrades such as an ADA restroom, improved seating with cup holders and increased legroom, and advanced audiovisual equipment have enhanced the movie-watching experience. The theater’s construction, featuring large Northwest timber and thick plaster walls, contributes to its impeccable sound quality.

Revitalization efforts led by dedicated individuals like Michael Goodnow, the Executive Director, have breathed new life into the Roxy. Despite facing challenges, including a change in ownership and the impact of the pandemic, the nonprofit organization operating the theater has persevered.

The Roxy Theater is more than just a cinematic venue. It embodies the heartbeat of the community. Supporting local businesses and fostering connections, the Roxy acts as a vital link in the downtown area. Collaborations with neighboring establishments like Ballast Book Company create a vibrant tapestry of community engagement.

As a nonprofit organization, the Roxy Theater faces financial challenges. Yet, Michael and the board understand the importance of preserving this cultural gem. By hosting a diverse range of events such as webinars, retreats, and children’s birthday parties, the theater continues to cater to a wide audience. Their commitment to supporting small businesses and circulating funds within the local economy underscores their role as a Good Neighbor.

The Roxy Theater’s legacy extends beyond entertainment. It stands as a living testament to the community’s rich history, even being connected to World War II. By preserving its unique features and embracing its historical significance, the Roxy Theater ensures that generations to come will have the opportunity to experience the magic of the past.

So, the next time you find yourself in Bremerton, make your way to the Roxy Theater. Immerse yourself in its timeless atmosphere, support the local community, and become a part of the living history that continues to captivate audiences to this day.

For more information and upcoming screenings, visit, and discover the wonders that await you at the Roxy Theater.

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