Step into Ride or Dye hair salon and barber shop in Bremerton, and you’ll immediately sense the unique atmosphere that owner Sarah Borden has cultivated. This community-focused establishment caters to diverse groups, including single mothers, individuals in recovery, and military families. Beyond providing exceptional hair services, Ride or Dye goes above and beyond, welcoming homeless individuals, offering support for drug addiction, and providing a safe space for everyone to hang out, regardless of whether they’re getting a hair service or not. Sarah Borden’s personal journey and commitment to her community have shaped Ride or Dye into a place of acceptance, empowerment, and hope.

From Addiction to Resilience

Sarah’s motivation to establish this extraordinary business stems from her own experience in recovery. Having been clean for seven and a half years, she intimately understands the importance of a safe and supportive environment. Sarah wanted to create a space where her friends, family, and the community could find solace, connection, and inspiration.

In 2019, Sarah embarked on her journey in the beauty industry after her release from prison in 2018. Witnessing the genuine happiness that radiates from her customers when they enjoy a cup of coffee or leave the salon with a refreshed hairstyle brings her immeasurable joy. Sarah finds true fulfillment in witnessing individuals’ successes as they overcome challenging circumstances, such as regaining custody of their children or rebuilding their lives.

Addressing Community Challenges

Sarah is deeply concerned about the fentanyl epidemic and believes that raising awareness is crucial. She understands that addiction knows no social class boundaries and emphasizes the importance of educating everyone about its devastating impact.

Sarah’s personal reintegration into society in 2018 was far from easy. Her past experiences in prison, including a miscarriage and the removal of part of her reproductive system, presented significant challenges. However, fueled by her determination to avoid returning to a life of drug selling, Sarah took on three jobs to secure a stable income and create a better future.

A Welcoming Haven for All

When you’re in Ride or Dye, you hear stories of parents regaining custody of their children or stories of recovery, and words of encouragement and support. Ride or Dye hair salon and barber shop strive to be more than just a place to get a haircut. Sarah and her team are dedicated to providing a welcoming and supportive space for the community. Single mothers, individuals in recovery, and military families find solace and camaraderie within these walls. Beyond that, Sarah ensures that Ride or Dye addresses broader societal issues such as addiction and homelessness. 

Building Lasting Legacies

Sarah’s vision for Ride or Dye extends far beyond being a hair salon and barber shop. She aspires to establish an academy and additional businesses, leaving a lasting legacy in her community. The name Ride or Die symbolizes Sarah’s unwavering commitment to her profession, her community, and her fellow stylists.

Embracing the Kitsap Community

Sarah finds the Kitsap County community unique due to the strong support and connection among its residents. The people genuinely want to help each other, and social media plays a significant role in spreading awareness and building relationships.

While Sarah and Ride or Dye actively support local organizations and individuals in need, she prefers to keep these acts of kindness private, choosing not to seek attention or praise on social media. For Sarah, genuine compassion and making a difference in people’s lives matter more than gaining recognition.

Sarah Borden’s personal journey, marked by her recovery from addiction, has shaped her vision for Ride or Dye hair salon and barber shop. Her commitment to community support, giving back, and creating a lasting legacy drives her business approach in Bremerton, Washington. Through her inspiring journey, Sarah serves as an entrepreneur and a vital component of a diverse and unified community. And as she would say to anyone who needs a little boost, “we need the rainy days to help us enjoy the greenery we have in Kitsap.” 

Support or book an appointment with the Ride or Dye team by clicking here.Thank you to the Washington State Department of Commerce for being in partnership in powering the Growing Greater Businesses Grant and to our 23rd Legislative District Representative, Tarra Simmons, for securing it!